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Monitor Mirror for α7Ⅲ

Feel free to take a selfie with the α7Ⅲ

With the diversification of video production in recent years, the boundary between the photographer and the subject is becoming blurry. Although the α7 III cannot be directed toward the subject, there are many attractions unique to the α7 III in the shooting experience.

Therefore, we have developed an item that makes it easy to take a selfie by utilizing the tilt monitor of the α7Ⅲ.


Install with one touch

Simply insert it into the multi-interface shoe and move the slider to lock it.

Compact to carry

Since it has a folding mechanism, it can be easily carried by putting it in  pocket .


External accessories can be used

With a cold shoe on the side, you can attach external accessories such as cameras and lights. * 1



Access to all terminals

You can access all the terminals on the side of the camera when taking a selfie. You can comfortably shoot while charging or using external accessories.


Design that can be manufactured with a general 3D printer

The main components of Monitor Mirror for α7Ⅲ can be manufactured with the most popular FDM 3D printers. * 2

Selfie-mirror PV.00_00_46_28.静止画001.png

Features of Monitor Mirror for α7Ⅲ

Features of Monitor Mirror for α7Ⅲ

* 1 Martinter face shoe electronic contacts cannot be used.

* 2 Acrylic mirrors, bolts, washers, etc. are required separately.


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