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​Vacuum cleaner design for bouldering gym



 Bouldering gyms have "holds" attached to them, which are rocks on which you hang your hands and feet. In the hollows of the hold, non-slip powder, shoe shavings, dust, etc. accumulate. If you wipe the hold with water, the hold absorbs the water and makes your hands slippery, so in the past They used a vacuum cleaner to vacuum and clean. Normally, I climb up the wall with the vacuum cleaner on my shoulder to clean, but my balance is not good and I have to climb up the wall and the nozzle can be dangerous when you have one hand on the ground. There was also the issue of cables getting caught easily when moving. So I designed and built a vacuum cleaner specifically for cleaning the walls of a bouldering gym.


Concept-Make cleaning a sport.


I aimed to create an experience that would be similar to bouldering for cleaning. The design is designed to match the sports scene, with a sense of movement. The springy material that surrounds the outside of the vacuum cleaner enhances the sense of unity when you wear it. You can move around freely by carrying the vacuum cleaner on your back like a luxac.


Hands free nozzle

 It is shaped to fit between your fingers and allows you to climb the wall while holding the nozzle.

Nozzle holder

A magnet is built into the side of the unit, and the nozzle can be stopped when it is stored.

Resilient Damper

PP sandwiched between fabrics.

Lightweight and high impact resistance.

Two rotating joints

It eliminates the twisting of the hose and allows the wrist to move freely.

power switch

Pull to turn on, pull again to turn off.

You don't have to look at your hand to operate it.

18V battery

Compatible with power tools,

Can be removed and charged.

Up to 40 minutes of operation on a single charge.


Sporty and functional beauty


​The air flow styling allows the internal airflow to flow smoothly, effectively centrifuging debris.

Pasted Graphic.png

One-touch trash disposal


Press the button to unlock and remove the dust cup. You can quickly dispose of the trash.

After cleaning, throwing away the trash is a pleasant experience with a sense of accomplishment.


Easy to maintain


The dust box and filter can be disassembled and washed in water.

Cleaning it regularly helps to keep it clean and maintain its vacuum power.


Introduction video


The video of the presentation and the production process of this vacuum cleaner was summarized.

Improved nozzle video


After having it in use for a few months, after receiving feedback I made some improvements to the nozzle shape.

At this time I used a method of generating 3D data from multiple photographs, and I explained how.

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