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By ejecting the bag from your wrist, you can take out my bag very coolly.

Despite being an entertainment product, we also put the utmost consideration in practicality.

You can shoots bags from your wrist.

Isn't it time consuming to take out my bag in front of the cash register?

With this, you'll never panic in front of the cash register.

You can take out the shopping bag in an instant by pulling the trigger ring.


The TPU band can be worn on your wrist and carried around.

In addition, we have prepared a clip mount that can be attached to the band of your wristwatch.


Reliable operation

​Trigger expands and contracts in two stages to prevent outbursts.

Designed for easy 3D printing

Designed for production with a 3D printer.

All can be 3D printed except for rubber bands.

Designed for easy 3D printing


How to assemble and use

Description of the design process

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